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The KPRF Law Office consists of a team of experienced lawyers specialized in selected, business areas of law. Our Clients value our interdisciplinary and complementary approach to the tasks we are set. We consider each case both from a legal and business perspective; this is indisputably our strong suit, enabling us to offer our Partners and Clients our full support and advice.

The wealth of practical experience we have gained in managing companies and the thorough professional preparation of our lawyers is the strength of our Practice. It is this that not only ensures that we provide professional legal services, but also that we understand the business aspect of cooperation with the Client.  We select the members of our team painstakingly, to ensure the highest quality of legal support, which is in some ways unique in the legal industry.

In advising our Clients, we combine the experience of international cooperation and personal relationships with a comprehensive knowledge of the local market.  We thoroughly analyse all changes arising in our environment and that of our Clients. We are particularly proud of the fact that we have come to the attention of companies with overseas capital that have decided to enter the Polish market with our assistance.

In addition to the ability to resolve current legal problems efficiently and flexibly, the basis of the operations of a modern legal practice, as a trusted and diligent advisor, is specialization.  It is hard to believe that nowadays, faced with the jumble of the enormous number of regulations, often complex and subject to rapid obsolescence, a lawyer may be a prominent specialist in every field.

Our practice comprises three inter-connected pillars. The speciality of the KPRF Law Office encompasses the broadly-understood real estate sector, complicated court cases and corporate services, with a particular focus on start-ups.  Particular fields of law are the speciality of teams, comprised of experienced legal advisors and advocates.  Thanks to their professionalism and extensive expert knowledge, we can offer our clients a comprehensive legal service.  We fulfil complex projects, requiring the involvement of our partners – we combine the experience of a global network with knowledge of the Polish market. Within the range of services provided, we offer both a comprehensive service of the whole case, and advice on specific projects or actions.

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